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"No Ha Parado de Llover" by Maná, English translation of lyrics

"It Has Not Stopped Raining"

Albums: No ha parado de llover (It has not stopped raining), 1995; Maná MTV Unplugged, 1999
Style: Rock, melancholy
Country: Mexico
Listen: YouTube


Desde que te perdí
La luz se ha puesto muy mojada.
Mirada triste esta nublada,
Y en mis ojos no ha parado de llover.

Since I lost you
The light has become very watery.
Sad gaze, this cloudyness,
And in my eyes, it has not stopped raining.

Solo y ya sin ti,
Me tienes como un perro herido.
Me tienes como un ave sin su nido.
Estoy solo como arena sin su mar.

Alone and now without you,
You have me like a wounded dog.
You have me like a bird without a nest.
I'm alone like sand without its ocean.

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