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"De Un Solo Golpe" by Luzbel, English translation of lyrics

"With a Single Hit"
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: Mexico

Hay canciones que se escriben
Con las lágrimas
Y se cantan con la sangre
En la garganta
Es porque el corazón explota
A golpe de la distancia

There are songs that are written
With tears
And are sung with blood
In the throat
It's because the heart explodes
On a pound from the distance

Hay fantasmas que maldicen el presente
Y flagelan sin temor a la tristeza
Ahogando de un solo golpe
Lo que te queda de existencia

There are ghosts that damn the present
And whip without fear of sadness
Drowning with a single punch
What is left of your existence

De un solo golpe
La vida te matan
De un solo golpe
Te pudren el alma

With a single hit
Your life they kill
With a single hit
They rot your soul

De un solo golpe
Te come el infierno
De un solo golpe
Te niegan el cielo

With a single hit
Hell eats you up
With a single hit
They deny heaven to you

Maldito sea el incansable tiempo
Que escapa de la misericordia
Que desvanece el sentimiento
Que desgracia tu memoria

Damned be the untireable time
That escapes from mercy
That fades out emotions
That disgraces your memory

Las promesas viven en el viento
Cuando se tiene esclavizado el recuerdo
Se vuelven tormentas locas
Que agitan el deseo

Promises live in the wind
When memory is held enslaved
They turn into crazy torments
That agitate desire

[Repeat from coda]

Translation Notes:

From YouTube video intro:
(Esa) no me la sé = (That one) I don't know it [referring to a song]


Maldito sea el incansable tiempo
Damned be the untireable time

incansable = indefatigable, untiring, tireless


At YouTube here.
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