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"Tu Recuerdo y Yo" by José Alfredo Jiménez, English translation of lyrics

"Your Memory and Me"
Composer: José Alfredo Jiménez
Style: Ranchera, sad

Estoy en el rincón de una cantina,
Oyendo una canción que yo pedí,
Me están sirviendo ahorita mi tequila,
Ya va mi pensamiento rumbo a ti.

I am in the corner of a bar,
Listening to a song I myself requested,
They are serving my tequila to me right now,
Already my thoughts are on their way to you.

Yo sé que tu recuerdo es mi desgracia
Y vengo aquí nomás a recordar
Qué amargas son las cosas que nos pasan
Cuando hay una mujer que paga mal.

I know that your memory is my disgrace
And I come here just to remember
How bitter are the things that happen to us
When there's a woman that pays badly.

Quien no sabe en esta vida,
La traición tan conocida
Que nos deja un mal amor.

Who doesn't know in this life,
The well-known betrayal
That a bad love leaves us.

Quien no llega a la cantina,
Exigiendo su tequila,
Y exigiendo su canción.

Who doesn't arrive to the bar,
Demanding his tequila,
And demanding his song.

Me están sirviendo ya la del estribo,
Ahorita ya no sé si tengo fe,
Ahorita solamente ya les pido
Que toque otra vez "La que se fue".

They are serving my farewell drink already,
Right now I don't know if I have faith,
Right now all I ask them is
To let "She who left" play one more time.

[Repeat from coda]

Translation Notes:

Cuando hay una mujer que paga mal
When there's a woman that pays badly

pagar mal - lit. to pay badly
It's saying she wasn't fair with her part of the relationship. She caused damage.


La traición tan conocida
The well-known betrayal
lit. The betrayal so well-known


Me están sirviendo ya la del estribo
They are serving my farewell drink already
approx. They are serving me already the one for nudging me out

estribo [noun, m.] = the metal part attached to the saddle of a horse; the spur; the brace

la del estribo = colloquial: last drink before leaving
(RAE says that it's colloquial for Argentina, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela)


Que toque otra vez "La que se fue"
Let "She who left" play one more time
lit. Let play once again "She who left" (it's the name of a song)

Watch and Listen:

Renditions: José Alfredo Jiménez, Vicente Fernandez, Tania Libertad, Lupillo Rivera, Joe Posada. There's more renditions on YouTube. This song is a classic.
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