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cairaguas in songlations

"Es Por Ti" by Juanes, English translation of lyrics

"It's For You"
Album: Un Día Normal (A Normal Day), 2002
Style: Soft rock with a beat, almost pop, love song
Country: Colombia
Listen: YouTube


Cada vez que me levanto
Y veo que a mi lado estás
Me siento renovado

Every time I rise
And see you at my side
I feel renewed

Y me siento aniquilado
Aniquilado si no estás
Tú controlas toda mi verdad
Y todo lo que está de más

And I feel unbalanced
Unbalanced if you aren't around
You control my whole truth
And everything else (of barest mention)

Tus ojos me llevan lentamente al sol
Y tu boca me habla del amor y el corazón
Tu piel tiene el color de un rojo atardecer

Your eyes take me slowly to the sun
And your mouth speaks to me of love and the heart
Your skin has the color of a red dusk

Y es por ti...
Que late mi corazón
Y es por ti...
Que brillan mis ojos hoy

And it's for you...
That my heart beats
And it's for you...
That my eyes shine today

Y es por ti...
Que he vuelto a hablar de amor
Y es por ti...
Que calma mi dolor

And it's for you...
That I've begun to talk of love again
And it's for you...
That my pain calms

Y cada vez que yo te busco
Y no te puedo aún hallar
Me siento un vagabundo

And every time I search for you
And can't yet find you
I feel like a vagabond

Perdido por el mundo
Desordenado si no estás
Como mueves tú mi felicidad
Y todo lo que está de más

Lost in the world
Disoriented if you're not present
How you move my happiness
And everything that goes without saying

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Thank you for this translation and all of your others.
You're welcome! :)
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