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"La Paz de Tus Ojos" by La Oreja de Van Gogh, English translation of lyrics

"The Peace of Your Eyes"
Style: Pop with piano
Country: Spain

No he podido esta vez,
Vuelvo a no ser,
Vuelvo a caer.

I have not been able this time,
I return to not being [*alt. not existing],
I fall again.

Qué importa nada si yo
No sé reír,
No sé sentir...

What does anything matter if I
Do not know how to laugh,
Do not know to feel...

Quiero oírte llorar y que me parta el corazón,
Quiero darte un beso sin pensar,
Quiero sentir miedo cuando me digas adiós,
Yo quiero que me enseñes a jugar.

I want to hear you cry and for it to break my heart,
I want to give you a kiss without thinking,
I want to feel fear when you say goodbye to me,
I want you to teach me to play.

Sé que me he vuelto a perder,
Que he vuelto a desenterrar
Todo aquello que pasé.

I know that I lost myself again,
That I went back to unearthing
Everything there that I has passed.

(Y) no sé ni cómo explicar
Que sólo puedo llorar,
Que necesito la paz
Que se esconde en tus ojos,
Que se anuncia en tu boca,
Que te da la razón.

(And) I don't even know how to explain
That I can only cry,
That I need the peace
That hides in your eyes,
That appears in your mouth,
That gives you your reason.

Ven, cuéntame aquella historia
De princesas y amores
Que un día te conté yo.

Come, tell me that old story
Of princesses and loves
That one day I told you.

Hoy he dejado de hablar,
Quiero callar,

Today I have give up speaking,
I want to keep quiet,
Pretend (act casual).

Sólo me queda esperar,
Verte pasar,

All that is left for me is to wait,
To see you pass,
To reinvent.

Quiero sentir algo y no sé por donde empezar,
Yo quiero que mi mundo deje de girar,
Quiero que mis manos tengan fuerza para dar,
Quiero asustarme si no estás.

I want to feel something and I don't know where to start,
I want my world to stop spinning,
I want my hands to have strength to give,
I want to scare myself if you are not present.

[Chorus x2]

Translation Notes:

Quiero oírte llorar y que me parta el corazón
I want to hear you cry and for it to break my heart

partirse el corazon = lit. split one's heart
It means "break one's heart," but not YOU break my heart. Rather: My heart breaks FOR YOU.

When you hear about a tragedy or about someone else suffering, and it makes you suffer as well, you say, "Ay, me parte el corazón" (Oh, it breaks my heart).


Yo quiero que me enseñes a jugar
I want you to teach me to play
lit. I want that you teach me to play


Necesito la paz ... que se anuncia en tu boca
I need the peace ... that appears in your mouth

anunciarse = to announce oneself; to show one's presence


Cuéntame aquella historia
Tell me that old story

aquella = that there, that from ago

contar = to tell (a story)


Quiero callar, disimular
I want to keep quiet, pretend (act casual)

disimular = to dissimulate; to feign; to pretend
It means to act blind to something (and pretend that nothing's wrong), to try to act casual to prevent awkwardness, to go about one's business as if everything were normal.


No sé por donde empezar
I don't know (by) where to start

donde [adv.] = where
por donde [adv.] = whereby


At YouTube here.
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