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cairaguas in songlations

"Te Dejo Madrid" by Shakira, English translation of lyrics

"I Am Leaving You Madrid"
Album: Laundry Service, 2001
Style: Pop/rock, upbeat
Country: Colombia
Listen: YouTube, Amazon

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Sí, ya es hora de esconder
Del mundo el dolor
Bajo la piel
Más sé que estaré bien
Los gatos como yo caen de pie

Yes, the time has come to hide
From the world, the pain
Under my skin
But I know I'll be fine
Cats like me fall on their feet

No quiero
Jugar mi suerte por ti
No puedo
Con "V" pequeña vivir
Pronto estaré de aquí
Muy, muy lejos

I don't want
To gamble my luck for you
I can't
With a small "L" live
Soon I'll be
Far, far away

Ahí, me voy otra vez
Ahí, te dejo, Madrid
Tus rutinas de piel
Y tus ganas de huir

There, I'm going,
There, I'm leaving you, Madrid
Your skin routines
And your desire to flee

Yo no quiero cobardes
Que me hagan sufrir
Mejor le digo adios
A tu boca de anís

I don't want cowards
That make me suffer
Better I say goodbye
To your anise (flavored) mouth

Sí, ya es hora de limpiar
Las manchas de miel
Sobre el mantel
Yo nunca supe actuar
Y mis labios se ven
Muertos de sed

Yes, it's time to clean
The honey stains
On the tablecloth
I could never act
And my lips look
Dead from thirst

No quiero dejarlo todo al azar
Que he comenzado a estorbar
Pronto estare de ti
Muy, muy lejos

I don't want to leave it all to fate
I understand
That I have begun to bother (lit. interfere, get in the way)
Soon I'll be from you
Far, far away

[Chorus: "Ay me voy otra vez..."]

Translation Notes:

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Thanks so much for the translations (esp. the notes!!)!
I have a question though.. For this:
Con "v" pequeña Vivir
With a small "l" Live
Why does "v" translate to "I"? And I don't really understand what "with a small "I" live" means.
Thanks again! ♥♥♥
You're welcome! :)

And no, no, that's a lowercase L. I changed it to L because it wouldn't make sense to say with a small "v" live since vivir and live aren't spelled the same way. I believe she means something like: Why live when you can live?
Oh!! That makes so much sense now! Thanks again!! :D :D :D
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