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"Relax" by Maná, English translation of lyrics

"Relax" by Maná
Album: Amar es Combatir (To Love is To Fight), 2006. It won a 2007 Grammy for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.

Style: Rock. Oh man, this song is so catchy. Maná is brilliant when it comes to singing about desperation without being sentimental or sounding hopeless. It’s sad, but it’s not saddening. I like the beat.

Country: Mexico
Listen: YouTube


Siento que el mundo no para, me vuelvo loco.
Siento que el sol no calienta nada, ni un poco.

I feel that the world doesn't stop, I go crazy.
I feel that the sun doesn't warm anything, even a little.

Vivo en el borde y al filo de una navaja,
Pero por dios en mi tierra nadie se raja.

I live on the brink and at the edge of a knife,
But for (the love of) God, in my land nobody cracks.

Mi corazón ya no aguanta, ya está cansado,
Una mujer y problemas me están matando.

My heart can't stand it anymore, it is tired,
A woman and problems are killing me.

Quiero subirme al balcón de la luna llena.
Quiero volar, olvidarme de tanta pena.

I want to climb to the balcony of the full moon.
I want to fly, forget so much grief.

Si me clavo no la libro, oh no no.
No me voy a dar un tiro.

If I nail myself I don't free her, oh no no.
I'm not going to shoot myself.

Me voy a estallar.
Lo voy a olvidar todo esta noche.
No quiero pensar, no.

I'm going to shatter.
I'm going to forget it all tonight.
I don't want to think, no.

Hoy tengo mucho trabajo, ya no lo aguanto.
Siento que todo conmigo se está pasando.

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