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"Oye Mi Amor" by Maná, English translation of lyrics

"Hear My Love"
Album: Eclípse (Eclipse), 2003
Style: Upbeat rock with flutes and drums
Country: Mexico
Listen: At YouTube here.

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Tú sabes como te deseo.
Tú sabes como te he soñado.
Si tú supieras que me muero
Por tu amor y por tus labios.

You know how I desire you.
You know how I have dreamed you.
If you knew that I die
For your love and for your lips.

Si tú supieras que soy sincero,
Que yo soy derecho y no te fallo,
Si tú supieras lo que te quiero,
Podría darte todo, hasta mis ojos.

If you knew that I was sincere,
That I play it straight and I won't fail you,
If you knew how much I loved you,
I could give you everything, even my eyes.

Pero tú ya tienes otro,
Un tipo frío y aburrido,
Un tonto que es un reprimido.
Eso no te pega a ti.
No te va.

But you already have another,
A guy (lit. type) cold and boring,
A dork who's repressed.
That is not for you.
It doesn't fit you.

Oye mi amor, no me digas que no
Y vamos juntando las almas.
Oye mi amor, no me digas que no
Y vamos juntando los cuerpos.

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