January 11th, 2008

one piece, nico robin

"La Llave De Mi Corazón" by Juan Luis Guerra, complete English translation of bilingual version

"The Key to my Heart"
Songwriter : Juan Luis Guerra
Vocals: Juan Luis Guerra
Country: Dominican Republic

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yo escuchaba el otro día
Una emisora radial
Un siquiatra, Doctor Luis
Daba consejo matrimonial

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General Notes:
This is the bilingual version of a merengue/pop hit. The album which gets its title from this song won six Latin Grammy Awards in 2007, including "Album of the Year." The song itself won "Song of the Year."

Some of the English is in italics because it's part of the original song and not a translation. I tried not to repeat English parts too much.

Watch and Listen:

Bilingual Spanish/English version at YouTube.

For comparison: English version of the song at AOL Music. It's not a literal translation of the bilingual version.