July 13th, 2008

one piece, nico robin

"Dios No Lo Quiera" by Sanchez Alonso, English translation of lyrics

"May God Not Want It"
Composed by: Don Enrique Sanchez Alonso
Sung by: Tania Libertad, Ana Gabriel, Javier Solis, and many more.


This is a classic melancholy song. The narrator sings about how they think their lover has fallen out of love with them, and they hope to God that it isn't true.

Tania Libertad's rendition at YouTube here.
Javier Solis' rendition at YouTube here.

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Dios no lo quiera
Pero presiento que has dejado de quererme.
En estos días se te nota diferente,
Se han vuelto frías tus caricias de repente.

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