August 2nd, 2008

one piece, nico robin

"Hoy Es Adios" by Santana and Alejandro Lerner, English translation of lyrics

"Today is Goodbye"
Style: Rock, sad, border-crossing song
Country: Mexico, Argentina

Él se fue con el invierno.
Él se ha ido a trabajar.
No me ha escrito en mucho tiempo;
Él dijo que volverá.

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General Notes:

Originally posted online August 7, 2007 on my old Geocities website. This song is about losing people across the USA-Mexico border.

Watch and Listen:

YouTube has the live version and the recorded version.

Other good immigration songs are "Pa'l Norte" by Calle 13 (Spanish, energetic) and "Tony and Maria" by Los Lobos (English, melancholy).