September 20th, 2008

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"Nuestro Juramento" by Julio Jaramillo, cover by La Santa Cecilia, English translation of lyrics

"Our Vow" (1956)
Composer: Benito de Jesús, famously sung by Julio Jaramillo
Style: Pasillo, waltz-like, about love until death
Country: Ecuador


"Nuestro Juramento" is arguably Julio Jaramillo's most famous song. It is a song about human mortality and passion. It is about two lovers who declare to continue loving each other forever, and to be devastated should the other die. The verb jurar means "to swear, to vow" and a juramento is an oath or a vow.

Renditions: Julio Jaramillo (original), José Feliciano, Javier Solis, La Santa Cecilia.

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No puedo verte triste porque me mata
Tu carita de pena, mi dulce amor.
Me duele tanto el llanto que tú derramas
Que se llena de angustia mi corazón.

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