October 21st, 2008

one piece, nico robin

"Puede Ser" by El Canto del Loco feat. Amaia Montero, English translation of lyrics

"It May Be"
Album: A Contracorriente (Against the Current), 2002
Style: Mellow pop rock, romantica duet, emphasis on vocals, few instruments
Country: Spain


El Canto del Loco is a former Spanish pop rock band that I do not know very well yet. Amaia Montero is the former lead singer for the band La Oreja de Van Gogh (singing for them 1996-2007). I have translated several of LOVG’s songs. Amaia left LOVG to launch a solo career. Hear "Puede Ser" at YouTube here.

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No sé si quedan amigos,
Ni si existe el amor,
Si puedo contar contigo
Para hablar de dolor.

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