March 31st, 2012

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"Shock" by Ana Tijoux, English translation of lyrics

"Shock", 2011
Style: Hip hop social criticism, in support of students protesting for accessible education
Country: Chile (parents), France (born)


Ana Tijoux supports the fight for accessible public education. In an interview, Ana Tijoux says she titled this song in reference to The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. She says, "It talks a lot about how Chile has been a laboratory for neoliberalism and how everything has been privatized. I could see my country, and how what’s happening with education has to do with it, it's not different, it’s all in the same package." Watch the music video at YouTube here.

I found out about Ana Tijoux when a visitor requested Ana Tijoux’s "1977". I am working on that one, too, but it is not ready yet. Ana Tijoux also worked with Julieta Venegas on "Eres Para Mi".

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Edit: Two weeks after I posted this songlation, The Economist published an issue on education in Chile. Yay, good timing!


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