April 29th, 2012

one piece, nico robin

"Obsesión" by Aventura, English translation of lyrics

Style: Bachata, conversations-song between a guy and the girl he is obsessing over
Countries: United States (New York); Dominican Republic


This is a song about the creepy obsessed stalker, from the stalker's point of view. Oh sure, you could mistake it for a love song, but the guy has clearly crossed many lines. He is looking for her while she is at school, pestering her friends for her contact information, not taking "no" for an answer, not backing down even though she already has a boyfriend... urgh. Guys, don't be him. Listen to the song at YouTube here.

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[Phone ringing]

{Ella} Hallo?
{Her} Hello?

{Él} Shhh, sólo escucha.
{Him} Shhh, just listen.

[Song begins:]
Son las cinco de la mañana
Y yo no he dormido nada,
Pensando en tu belleza, en loco voy a parar.

It’s 5’o clock at dawn
And I haven’t slept a wink, [*lit. And I haven’t slept at all]
Thinking about your beauty, I am going to end up crazy.

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This is the 200th translation post! Yay!