October 25th, 2012

one piece, nico robin

"Hasta el Final" by Belanova, English translation of lyrics

"Until the End"
Style: Synthpop, about loving and losing someone
Country: Mexico


The singer mourns loving a man so much, giving her heart to him, and then losing him. She says she died inside, that she wants to drown her love at the bottom of the sea, that her tears will drown the entire city, etc. This is a very dramatic song with pretty vocals. The music video has a little steampunk influence in its aesthetic, although not enough to be steampunk.

Watch the music video at YouTube here. The song begins at 0:22.

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Tú sabes que te quiero
Con todo el corazón,
Que todo lo que digo ahora,
Lo digo con dolor.

You know that I love you
With all my heart,
That everything I say now,
I say (it) with pain.

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