May 27th, 2013

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"John El Esquizofrénico" by Calle 13, English translation of lyrics

"John the Schizophrenic"
Album: Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo (The Ones Behind Are Coming With Me), 2008
Style: Spoken story with carnival music background, horror/fantasy
Country: Puerto Rico


This is another example of Calle 13 combining storytelling, creepiness, and violent tendencies. This is a twisted song, great in its creepiness and narrative style. It seems to be influenced by The Nightmare Before Christmas, with at least one Edward Scissorhands reference, and some of the scenes described preempt the 2012 film ParaNorman. These are all great films that I recommend, by the way. Meanwhile, listen to Calle 13's song at YouTube here.

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Mi nombre es John Alejandro y soy esquizofrénico.
No soy nada de atractivos, mucho menos fotogénico.
Mi mejor amigo es un payaso que me aconseja;
Tiene ojos de rana y vive dentro de mi oreja.

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