August 27th, 2013

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"Intro: Crónica de un Nacimiento" by Calle 13, English translation of lyrics

"Introduction: Chronicle of a Birth"

Album: Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo (The Ones Behind Are Coming with Me), 2008
Style: Classic storytelling, autobiographical
Country: Puerto Rico


Best album introduction ever. For their third album, Calle 13 wrote an autobiographical account of the group’s history after their second album did not sell as well as their first. The story is a warning to fans that without their support, Calle 13 will disappear. It is told in the classical dramatic style of a children’s story narrative, complete with genre-appropriate background music and sound effects. Listen to it at YouTube here.

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Un 29 de noviembre del año 2005 por accidente nació el Residente.
El Residente acaparó los medios de repente, casi como un asalto.
Se metió dentro del cuerpo de un joven en Trujillo Alto.

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General Announcement:

Hello readers! You might have song requests. Please send them to me. I tend to translate several songs at once and post them as they finish. Currently, my works in progress folder needs more artist variety. Send me variety. I take most song translation requests provided that they are something that I can do. I need to listen to the song (so post a link where I can listen for free), have a transcription of the lyrics (I will find it online and edit it as long as I can make out the words in mistranscribed lines), and be able to understand it well (so very obscure slang might be a problem, but that comes up rarely). Feel encouraged to send more than one request. The process is very simple: Post a comment somewhere in Songlations asking for "Some Song Title" by Some Artist, and provide a YouTube/Vimeo/etc. link. Thank you!