September 28th, 2013

one piece, nico robin

"Como Te Echo de Menos" by Alejandro Sanz, English translation of lyrics

"How I Miss You"
Album: Si Tú Me Miras (If You Look At Me), 1993
Style: Pop romantica, slow tempo
Country: Spain


This song is part of a genre that radios call romantica (romantic) which is characterized by themes of love, missing someone, romance, etc. The musical style tends to be a slower tempo, with one singer (often male) and no background singers, with guitar chords and few other instruments, and a chorus. Occasionally, romantica songs will have a male and female duo sing to each other, but not here. This song in particular is about missing a lover from the past. Listen at YouTube here.

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Existe un niño que vive en mí
Luchando por tenerte
Y revive momentos, lejanos ya,
Y me hace pensar,
Confundiendo realidad,
Obligándome a escuchar.

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