October 19th, 2013

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"Drácula" by Tierra Santa, English translation of lyrics

Album: Las Mil y Una Noches (A Thousand and One Nights), 2003
Style: Heavy metal
Country: Spain


I have been busy with traveling for work, so I haven’t had as many opportunities to translate or post. Here is a heavy metal song from Spain about Dracula to make up for it. I found a fan video with Legos here and another fan video using clips of Dracula movies here.

By the way, has anyone read Bram Stoker’s Dracula? It is actually quite good. Happy Halloween.

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Cuenta un relato que en la noche apareció,
Un hombre que en vampira su alma convirtió.
En Transilvania nació.
Su nombre era Drácula.

The tale goes that he appeared one night,
A man who turned himself* into a vampire. [*su alma = lit. his soul]
He was born in Transylvania.
His name was Dracula.

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