October 29th, 2013

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"El Hormiguero" by Calle 13, English translation of lyrics

"The Anthill"
Album: Entren Los Que Quieran (Enter Whoever Wants To), 2010
Style: Anthem, pro-immigrant, anti-war; urban/rock
Country: Puerto Rico


This is an anthem for disenfranchised immigrants and minorities and the poor. It was released before the start of the Occupy Movement, but it has similar sentiments. It also reminds me of the movie Fight Club (1999) with its emphasis on underground movements by people dissatisfied with the current system. Calle 13’s song is fervently against armed conflict and war, but it is also very confrontational and in your face. The end of the song quotes famous speeches from 20th century Latin America. The research that went into pinning down the sources for all the quotes at the end was a bit ridiculous, but I learned more Latin American history on the way. You can hear the song at YouTube here. The album won "Album of the Year" in the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards.

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November is Native American Heritage Month, declared in 1990 by President George H. W. Bush.


Aquí llegaron las hormigas,
Vamos conquistando tierras enemigas,
Invisible silenciosa y simultanea,
Toda la invasión es subterránea.

The ants have arrived here,
We are conquering enemy territories,
Invisible, silent, and simultaneous,
The entire invasion is subterraneous.

Sin disparar al aire, sin tirar misiles,
Sin tener que matar gente usando proyectiles,
La guerra la peleamos sin usar fusiles,
De bloque en bloque como los albañiles.

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