October 31st, 2013

one piece, nico robin

"Lobo Hombre en Paris" by La Unión, English translation of lyrics

"Werewolf in Paris" (lit. Manwolf in Paris)
Album: Mil Siluetas (A Thousand Sillouettes), 1990
Style: Rock with a touch of surrealism and trance
Country: Spain


This song is based on the short story "The Werewolf" by Boris Vian (originally in published in French as "Le Loup-garou", 1970). In this story, the wolf protagonist, Denis, is bitten by a werewolf and becomes a man. Hear the song at YouTube here. Happy Halloween!

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Cae la noche y amanece en París
En el día en que todo ocurrió,
Como un sueño de loco sin fin,
La fortuna se ha reído de ti, ja ja.

Night falls and it dawns in Paris,
On the day in which everything happened,
Like a lunatic's never-ending dream,
Fortune has laughed at you, ha ha.

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