November 25th, 2013

one piece, nico robin

"Esta Soledad" by Carla Morrison, English translation of lyrics

"This Loneliness", 2009 single
Style: Pop/rock, melancholy, soft and sweet voice reminiscent of Natalia Lafourcade
Country: Mexico


She's so cute! She also needs a hug. Hear this song about loneliness at YouTube here.

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Esta soledad me esta quemando las pestañas,
Llenándome de telarañas
Y me pone a chillar.

This solitude is burning my eyelashes, [*idiom, meaning it keeps her up at night]
Covering me with cobwebs
And it makes me bawl.

¿Qué puedo hacer?
Soportar seguir sufriendo por el sueño que estoy siguiendo.
Yo no sabia que era tan difícil.

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Ansiedad, mi pulso aumenta por los cielos
Anxiety, my pulse jumps to the heavens
Anxiety, my pulse increases to sky levels [*alt.]