December 13th, 2013

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"Cinco Centavitos" by Julio Jaramillo, English translation of lyrics

"Five Little Cents"
Style: Bolero; old, romantic, and slow-tempo
Country: Ecuador


Julio Jaramillo sings a lot of poetic, lyrically interesting, romantic songs in instrumentally artistic genres. His songs are oldies now; his active years were in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. His songs are still heard now, though.

Julio Jaramillo seduced a lot of lovers with his music. He died young (age 42 in 1978) and left behind at least 28 children. Listen to this song about wanting happiness and love at YouTube here. Later, check out the translation for "Nuestro Juramento" as well.

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Quiero comprarle a la vida
Cinco centavitos de felicidad.
Quiero tener yo mi dicha,
Pagando con sangre y con lágrimas.

I want to buy from life
Five little cents worth of happiness.
I want to have my joy,
Paying with blood and with tears.

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