December 19th, 2013

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"Sin Documentos" by Los Rodriguez, Julieta Venegas, English translation of lyrics

"Without Documents"
Album: Sin Documentos (Without Documents), 1993, Los Rodriguez
Style: Rock, keyboard and drum set
Country: Argentina, Spain

Album: Limón y Sal (Lemon and Salt), 2006, Julieta Venegas
Style: Folk rock with elements of Mexican regional music
Country: Mexico


This is a song about wanting to continue life with someone you love. I first heard Julieta Venegas' cover. The instruments are interesting; Julieta use an accordion, which is an instrument commonly heard in music from some regions of Mexico, but not common for genres in the rock spectrum. Hear the original rock song by Los Rodriguez and the cover by Julieta Venegas at YouTube. The translation follows the Julieta Venegas cover.

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Los Rodriguez:

Julieta Venegas:


{Y aquí vamos, hombres...}

{And here we go, guys...}

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