January 24th, 2015

one piece, nico robin

"Llégale a mi Guarida" by Calle 13 feat. Vicentico, English translation of lyrics

"Come to my Lair"
Album: Residente o Visitante, 2007
Style: Angry slow rap, violent imagery, folk-style chorus
Country: Puerto Rico


This song is angrier and more despairing than Calle 13's other violent and over-the-top songs like "John El Esquizofrénico" and "Algo Con Sentido." The other songs have more fantasy and satirical elements. They're parody; this isn't. This song sounds like snippets were taken from the journal entries of an angry youth who didn't know what to do with himself yet. It is very creepy. The folk-style chorus makes it sound mellow, though. Listen at YouTube here.

Trigger warning: Graphic, violent thoughts directed at the audience.

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