March 1st, 2015

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"Mi Verdad" by Ana Tijoux, English translation of lyrics

"My Reality", alt. "My Truth"
Album: Vengo (I'm On My Way), 2014
Style: Melodious and slow hip hop, sing-song metric
Countries: Chile/France


Ana Tijoux sings about feelings of loneliness, feeling out of place, connecting with her culture, and finding her people. It's a song for the bicultural people who have at some point felt out of place and devalued. For context, Ana Tijoux was born and raised in France by parents exiled from Chile. She returned to Chile in her later teenage years. This album includes a lot of songs reclaiming and celebrating her heritage.

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Por mi piel morena, borraron mi identidad.
Me sentí pisoteado por toda la sociedad.
Me tuve que hacer fuerte por necesidad.
Fui el hombre de la casa a muy temprana edad.

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