May 30th, 2015

one piece, nico robin

"Me Canse de Ti" by Obie Bermudez, English translation of lyrics

"I Got Tired of You"
Album: Confesiones (Confessions), 2003
Style: Pop, soft rock
Country: Puerto Rico


This Obie Bermúdez song "Me Cansé de Ti" is a less charitable break-up song than José Alfredo Jiménez's "Que Te Vaya Bonito" from three posts ago. Obie doesn't want to be in this relationship anymore. The song is a breakup conversation in progress. Awkward! Listen at YouTube here.

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Unrelated aside: I guess I lied last post; I'm still very busy! Lots of deadlines in May. I have a conference in June, a conference in July, and a wedding in August. I'm also training two people at work. I may post songs less often than the "every 1-2 weeks" average, but I'll keep posting when I can. Keep sending song requests. I don't have time to search for new songs or artists right now, so song requests help keep the blog posts diverse. Don't worry, no me cansé de Songlations.


Siéntate conmigo.
Ya llego la noche y siento frío.
Quiero hablar contigo.
Siento que este amor ya no es el mismo.

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