October 8th, 2016

one piece, nico robin

Return from hiatus, now Dr. Cairaguas

Okay, I am here again! Hello! I apologize for the 1 year break. It is my longest break since I started translating. I have been translating songs since high school all the way through graduate school (about a decade). It became a well-ingrained habit to put aside some time every week to work on Songlations. My last year of graduate school was very busy, but I still had enough translation drafts saved up that I was able to maintain a regular update schedule until my last semester, when I had to take a long break to write my dissertation and look for jobs. I naively assumed I would still have some free time for myself, but nope. Writing a PhD dissertation and finding a job ended up consuming ALL my free time.

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Cairaguas Gonzalez, PhD (yeah!)
one piece, nico robin

"Te Odio Y Te Quiero" by Julio Jaramillo, English translation of lyrics

"I Hate You and I Love You"
Album: Julio Jaramillo Todo Boleros and various other compilation albums
Style: Conflicted love song, bolero
Country: Ecuador


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Julio Jaramillo sings poetically about a love that inspires a lot of conflicted feelings in him. This song was popular in Latin America in the mid-20th century and is now a classic oldie.


Me muerdo los labios para no llamarte.
Me queman tus besos, me sigue tu voz.
Pensando que hay otro que pueda besarte,
Se llena mi pecho de rabia y rencor.

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