October 29th, 2016

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"Ya Me Voy" by Ceci Bastida, English translation of lyrics

"I'm Off (I'm Leaving Now)"
Album: Veo La Marea (I See the Tide), 2010
Style: Hypnotic pop, funk pop, alternative
Country: Mexico


This is a hypnotic song with the singer keeping an artfully controlled faux monotone (it's not really a monotone at all, but I'm not sure what this style is called). The metric of the song is very strong. The background instruments keep an even heartbeat and fade in and out for emphasis. Since the theme is about walking and ocean tides, this strong metric makes the song itself sound like a continuous march. As the lyrics say, "Ya me voy, es imparable..." (I'm leaving now, it's unstoppable...")

If you like Café Tacvba's "Eres", you'll probably like this song, and vice versa.

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