November 18th, 2016

one piece, nico robin

"Una Vez Mas" by Ceci Bastida, English translation of lyrics

"One More Time"
Album: La Edad de la Violencia
Style: Pop/rock
Songwriters: Ceci Bastida, Alex Epton
Country: Mexico


This song is very energetic and cheerful, so I keep forgetting that it’s kind of a lone wolf vengeance fantasy song. If it plays in the background, I think, "this song is catchy." When I pay attention to the lyrics and suddenly notice (again, as if for the first time) that it’s openly threatening, then I think, "whoa, I wouldn't want to meet this person." But the song still sounds so cheerful! See the music video at YouTube.

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No, nunca pertenecí,
A nadie entendí.
Todos se ríen de mí.

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