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one piece, nico robin

cairaguas in songlations

"Limón y Sal" by Julieta Venegas, English translation of lyrics

"Lemon and Salt"
Style: Alternative rock love song, fairy tale-like, not very subtle werewolf references
Country: Mexico


The music video is kind of amazing in a strange way. See it at YouTube here.

[Expand embedded silent film-style music video]

Also see "Loca" by Aleks Syntek for more werewolf references.


Tengo que confesar que a veces
No me gusta tu forma de ser.

I have to confess that sometimes
I do not like your way of being.

Luego te me desapareces
Y no entiendo muy bien por qué.

Then you disappear on me
And I do not understand very well why.

No dices nada romántico
Cuando llega el atardecer.
Te pones de un humor extraño
Con cada luna llena al mes.

You never say anything romantic
When (the) dusk comes.
You get into a strange mood
With every full moon of the month.

Pero todo lo demás le gana lo bueno que me das.
Sólo tenerte cerca siento que vuelvo a empezar.

But everything else is beaten by the good that you give me.
Just having you close I feel that I begin again.

Yo te quiero con limón y sal,
Yo te quiero tal y como estás,
No hace falta cambiarte nada.

I love you with lemon and salt,
I love you just as you are,
There is no need to change anything (about you).

Yo te quiero si vienes o si vas,
Si subes y bajas y no estás
Seguro de lo que sientes.

I love you if you are coming or going,
If you rise and fall and (if) you are not
Sure of what you feel.

Tengo que confesarte ahora
Nunca creí en la felicidad.
A veces algo se le parece,
Pero es pura casualidad.

I have to confess to you now
That I never believed in happiness.
Sometimes something appears like it,
But it is pure coincidence.

Luego me vengo a encontrar
Con tus ojos y me dan algo más.
Sólo tenerte cerca
Siento que vuelvo a empezar.

Then I come to find myself
With your eyes and they give me something more.
Just having you close
I feel that I begin again.

[Chorus x2]

Sólo tenerte cerca
Siento que vuelvo a empezar.

Just having you close
I feel that I begin again.

Translation Notes:

Pero todo lo demás le gana lo bueno que me das
But everything else is beaten by the good that you give me

(Pero) (todo lo demás) (le gana) (lo bueno que me das)
(But) (all the rest) (is beaten by it, it=le=subject to be mentioned...) (the good that you give me)


Yo te quiero tal y como estás
I love you just as you are

tal y como, also tal como = just like, just as



your translations

I am trying to learn some Spanish and your translations actually make sense both linguistically and artistically. Many thanks! Brava!

Re: your translations

Thanks! (I love praise, hahaha.) :D


muchas gracias!

A lovely translation of a lovely song. Can't view video as am in England and for some (presumably legal) reason, youtube or sony does not allow some of JV's videos to be viewed for free over here.

Love songlations. Great site!

Re: muchas gracias!

Oh no, that stinks! Maybe you could try looking for a fan-made music video that just happens to use this song.

Thank you!


Re: muchas gracias!

Fantastic translation... the autotranslate programs just turn it into gobbledygook. Thanks you very much!

Re: muchas gracias!

You're very welcome! :D


awesome translation

i'm hispanic but never really learned spanish, but I looove all her songs and these translations make me love them and learn spanish a little more :)

Re: awesome translation

Yay, I'm glad that my translations are useful to you. I like Julieta Venegas' songs, too.



Just wanted to say thanks for all of the songlations. I'm learning Spanish on my own and they make it a lot more fun and exciting!

Re: Thanks!

You're welcome. I'm glad you like them!


This is a great translation over all. I would suggest one correction. "A veces algo se le parece" could be translated "Sometimes something looks like it," but the indirect object "people" has no place here. The subject of this sentence is "algo" (se parece) while the object is "happiness" (le). The verb parecer, when it means "to look/seem like something" has to be reflexive (for example, me parezco a mi madre--i look like my mother), but it also has to have an indirect object that it looks/seems like--"a mi madre" in my example, and "a felicidad" in the song. So "le" has to be the indrect object replacing "felicidad." It's a very vague construction but it's meant to be that way--"people" makes it too concrete. Meanwhile, the observer to whom "something" seems like happiness is simply implied--it is in fact that singer herself. She doesn't believe in happiness, but once in awhile something looks like it.
Sorry, I was a Spanish tutor in college, I can't resist making corrections when I see them!
Hmm... Okay, I agree. I edited the line. Thanks for commenting!



And your lyric translations are great. (There are SO MANY that ignore the rules in English, and therefore make NO SENSE to me. lol Awesome Job! and Thank you! ...Ive found that songs and TV are the BEST way to learn Spanish.
You're welcome! I agree about TV and songs being a great way to learn a language. I wish we had more foreign language TV shows with English subtitles on regular TV. It would be a great resource for people to learn languages.


Muchas gracias
Fue mi gusto :-)
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