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"Te Lloré un Rio" by Maná, English translation of lyrics

"I Cried You A River"
Style: Rock
Country: Mexico

Yo aquí llorándote un río
Mandándome al olvido
Qué cosa más injusta, amor

Me here crying you a river
Sending myself to oblivion
What a most unjust thing, my love

Fuiste matando mis pasiones
Tachando mis canciones
Me tenías pisoteado
Estaba desahuciado
No es justo, no bebé

You went killing my passions
Striking out my songs
You had me all trampled
I was left hopeless
It is not fair, no baby

Pero este mundo ya giró
Y ahora te toco perder

But this world has turned
And now it was your turn to lose

Bebé, te lloré todo un río
(Bebé, bebé)
Bebé, te lloré a reventar

Baby, I cried you a whole river
(Baby, baby)
Baby, I cried for you until bursting

O no, no, no
No tienes corazón
No te vuelvo a amar
Te lloré todo un río
Ahora llórame un mar

Oh no, no, no
You have no heart
I will not love you again
I cried you a whole river
Now cry me a sea

Ya no me busques, ya es muy tarde
Ya tengo otro amor
Una chula sirena
Que nada en mi piel

Do not search for me anymore, it is too late now
I have another love now
A sweet mermaid girlfriend
That swims in my skin

Yo te perdono, no hay rencores
Sólo los dolores
Mi alma está arañada
Lloré en suelo mojado
No es justo, no bebé

I forgive you, there are no resentments
Just the sorrows
My soul is clawed
I cried on a wet floor
It is not fair, no baby


Verdad que un río te lloré
Verdad que no te vuelvo a amar
O, no, no , no
No te vuelvo a amar


Truthfully that a river I cried for you
Truthfully that I will not love you again
Oh no, no, no
I will not love you again

Llóra, llóra, llórame

Cry, cry, cry for me

Translation Notes:

Una chula sirena
A sweet mermaid girlfriend
An attractive mermaid [lit.]

chula [Mexican slang, term for women] = cool/pretty/sexy/attractive girl/girlfriend

In this case chula has positive connotations, but it can also be used with negative connotations to say that a girl thinks too much of herself. For guys, chulo can mean attractive guy (positive usage) or pimp (negative usage).


Mi alma está arañada
My soul is clawed

arañar [verb] = to scratch; to claw

There's a Spanish adivinanza (a riddle, usually based on wordplay) that goes thus:

¿Qué animal es dos veces animal?
What animal is two times an animal?


El gato porque araña.
The cat because it claws.
The cat because spider.

araña [noun, f.] = spider

Hahaha. My dad used to tell us these when we were kids and I loved them. Search the web for more adivinanzas. Here's a good page:

I suppose that's not exactly a translation note so much as a translator's tangent, but I hope you like it.

Watch and Listen:

Song about heartbreak, acceptance, and moving on at YouTube here.

Also -- I suddenly received a lot of song requests over spring break (good, good!). I'm not ignoring them, don't worry. If you requested several songs at once, I'm going to shuffle them in with other people's requests.
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