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"Maria Christina" by Los Lobos, English translation of lyrics

"Maria Christina" by Los Lobos
Album: Good Morning Aztlán (2002)
Lyrics author: Cesar Rosas
Country: USA (Mexican-American)

Shaky recorded sound quality, but you can see a live performance at YouTube. Here is an album version that sounds much better. You can also hear a sample clip at (track #10).

[Expand embedded video]


Maria le gusta el mambo
Esto no puedo negar
Pero yo prefiero cumbia
Es lo mejor para gozar

Maria likes mambo
This I can't deny
But I prefer cumbia
It's the best for rejoycing

También le gusta la salsa
Guarachar es sabroson
Este ritmo colombiano
Me inspira mas el corazón

She also likes salsa
Sandaling is delicious
This Columbian rhythm
Inspires my heart more

Es que le gusta gozar
Maria Christina bailar
Ella le gusta sonar
Maria le gusta bailar

It's because she likes to rejoice
Maria Christina (like to) dance
She likes to son
Maria likes to dance

Quisiera pasar mi vida
Con Maria por mi lado
Disfrutando cumbia rica
Con mi huerita bailando

I would like to spend my life
With Maria by my side
Enjoying delicious cumbia
With my little blond, dancing

Translation Notes:

gozar = rejoycing, enjoying; implies celebrating

Similar to French joie de vivre (joy of living).


Guarachar es sabroson
Sandaling is delicious

Un guarache = a leather sandal
Suffix -ar makes this into a verb, sort of like adding -ing to sandal.

Guarachar sounds like a verb that means dancing with leather sandals (everyday, common sandals).


Ella le gusta sonar
She likes to son

If you look it up in the dictionary, you will get that sonar = to sound.

Note that son is a type to Cuban music, however. Los Lobos added -ar to the end, making a verb for son. It's like saying that someone who likes to mambo likes "mamboing."
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