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"Sombra De Ti" by Shakira, English translation of lyrics

"Shadow of You"
Album: ¿Dondé Están Los Ladrones? (Where Are The Thieves?), 1998
Style: Rock, melancholy
Country: Colombia


At YouTube here. Very mellow, sort of haunting.

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Voy a dejar
Que mi guitarra diga todo lo que yo
No sé decir por mí.

I am going to let
My guitar say everything that I
Cannot say for myself.

O quizá deba esperar
A que el insulto del reloj
Acabe de planear mi fin.

Or perhaps I should wait
For the insult of the clock
To finish planning my demise [*lit. my end].

Duelen tanto las sonrisas,
Cuesta un mundo respirar,
Es que no tenerte aquí
Ya me hace mal.

Smiles are so painful,
It costs a world to breathe,
It's just that not having you here
Makes me ill now.

Me sigue rodeando
La sombra de ti.

It continues to circle me,
The shadow of you.

Y siguen rodando
Por ahí...
Todas las palabras que dijimos
Y los besos que nos dimos.

And they continue circling
Around there...
All the words (that) we said
And the kisses (that) we exchanged.

Como siempre,
Hoy estoy pensando en ti.

Like always,
Today I am thinking of you.

Debes saber
Que hay pedazos de tu boca sin querer
Regados por aquí.

You should know
That there's pieces of your mouth, by accident
Scattered around here.

Y que tropiezo cada día sin pensar
Con un viejo recuerdo más
Y alguna nueva historia gris.

And that everyday I trip without thinking
Over another old memory
And another gray (piece of) history.

Si no puedo estar contigo,
Yo no puedo estar sin ti.
Cada vez se hace más duro ser feliz.

If I can't be with you,
I can't be without you.
Every time it gets harder to be happy.

[Chorus + repeat last stanza]

Translation Notes:

Lyrics originally translated 2004. Edited 2010.


Duelen tanto las sonrisas
Smiles are so painful
They hurt so much, (the) smiles [lit.]


Es que no tenerte aquí / Ya me hace mal.
It's just that not having you here / Makes me ill now.
It's because not having you here / Does me harm now. [alt.]
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