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"Corazón Espinado" by Maná and Santana, English translation of lyrics

"Thorned Heart" (*alt. Pierced Heart)
Album: Supernatural, Santana, 1999
Style: Rock
Country: Mexico

Esa mujer me está matando.
Me ha espinado el corazón.
Por más que trato de olvidarla,
Mi alma no da razón.

That woman is killing me.
She's set thorns around my heart.
The more I try to forget her,
My soul doesn't reason.

Mi corazón aplastado,
Dolido y abandonado.
[*alt. Herido y abandonado]
A ver, a ver, tú sabes...
Dime mi amor,
¿Cuánto amor
Y qué dolor nos quedó?

My heart, depressed
Hurt and abandoned [*alt. Wounded and abandoned]
Let's see, let's see, you know...
Tell me, my love,
How much love
And pain remains for us?

Ah, ah, ah, corazón espinado.
Ah, ah, ah, cómo me duele el amor.

Ah, ah, ah, thorned heart.
Ah, ah, ah, how love hurts me.

Cómo duele, cómo duele el corazón
Cuando uno es bien entregado.
[*alt. Cuando nos tiene entregados]
Pero no olvides mujer que algún día dirás,
"Ay, ay, ay, cómo me duele el amor."

How it hurts, how the heart hurts
When one is fully surrendered. [*alt. When it has us belonging to another]
But don't forget, woman, that one day you'll say,
"Ay, ay, ay, how love hurts me."

Cómo me duele el olvido,
Cómo duele el corazón,
Cómo me duele estar vivo
Sin tenerte a un lado, amor.

How it hurts to forget,
How the heart hurts,
How it hurts being alive
Without you beside me, my love.

Corazón espinado... (repeated)

Thorned heart...

Translation Notes:

Corazón Espinado / Thorned Heart
That's the literal translation.
Note that in Spanish, to have a corazón espinado is to have a wounded or broken heart.


¿Cuánto amor y qué dolor nos quedó? / How much love and what pain is left for us?
Dang it, this translation sounds awkward to me.

Edit: ¿Cuánto amor y qué dolor nos quedó? / How much love and pain remains for us?


Cuando nos tiene entregados / When it has us belonging to another:
In this case, "another" refers to whoever the song is directed to, i.e. my heart doesn't belong to me, it belongs to you - and that's hurting me! The line also makes it sound like the heart has a will of its own.

Edit: Cuando uno es bien entregado / When one is fully surrendered
Hahaha... it turns out that both the online lyrics transcribers and I misheard the line before. This is what it's actually saying, I think.

entregar = to deliver, to hand over, to give up, to surrender


Cómo me duele el olvido / How it hurts to forget:
Notice that Spanish has a noun ("el olvido") whereas the English translation has a verb (to forget).

Watch and Listen:
Live performance posted to YouTube. I like the pre-recorded version better, but it's fun to see them perform.

This song won a 2000 Latin Grammy Award for "Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group."
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