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"Como un Fantasma" by Chenoa, English translation of lyrics

"Like a Ghost", 2011
Style: Pop/rock, about a love that haunts you
Countries: Argentina (born), Spain (raised)


When you break up with someone, it can be hard to forget them. They linger in your mind... like a ghost. They can haunt your thoughts. This song is all about that analogy. Listen to it at YouTube here.

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For more techno-influenced pop about moving on, see "Mi Mundo Sin Ti" by Soraya.


Decido no extrañarte,
Vestirme y levantarme,
Quiero escaparme de tu sombra.

I decide not to miss you,
To dress myself and get up,
I want to escape your shadow.

Me pinto una sonrisa.
Estoy tan convencida;
Voy a vivir de nuevo ahora.

I paint a smile on myself.
I am so convinced;
I am going to live again now.

Ya no sé,
¿Por qué si no te quiero ver
Regresas a mi mente sin aviso?
(Y) no puedo correr.

I don’t know anymore,
Why is it that if I don’t want to see you,
You return to my mind without warning?
(And) I can’t run.

Como un fantasma me sigues de nuevo.
Te siento, te respiro, te pienso, te espero,
Y sin quererlo hasta suspiro contigo.
No encuentro una razón, ya no, ya no.

Like a ghost, you follow me again.
I feel you, I breathe you, I think you, I wait for you,
And without meaning to I even sigh with you.
I can’t find a reason, not anymore, not anymore.

Como un fantasma te llevo conmigo,
Te pienso aunque no quiero,
Te evito y no puedo.

Like a ghost, I bring you with me,
I think (of) you even if I don’t mean to,
I avoid you and I can’t do it.

Por más que intento,
No te olvido, estás vivo,
En cada sensación de amor, de amor,
¿Cómo te saco de mí?

For the more I try,
I don’t forget you, you are alive,
In every sensation of love, of love,
How can I tear you out of me?

Te invento en todas partes,
No sé cómo borrarte
De cada espacio en mi memoria.

I imagine you everywhere,
I don’t know how to erase you
From every space in my memory.

Quisiera que te fueras
Por fin de mi existencia
Para escribir mi nueva historia.

I wish you would leave
From my existence, finally,
So I could write my new story.

Ya no sé,
¿Por qué, si no te quiero ver
Regresas a mi mente sin aviso?
Y no puedo correr.

I don’t know anymore,
Why is it that if I don’t want to see you
You return to my mind without warning?
And I can’t run.

[Chorus: "Como un fantasma me sigues de nuevo..."]

Déjame en paz por favor,
Déjame ser,
Quiero librarme de ti,
¿Cómo lo haré?

Leave me in peace please,
Leave me be,
I want to rid myself of you, [*lit. I want to liberate/free myself of you]
How can I do it? [*lit. How will I do it? (tense)]

[Chorus: "Como un fantasma me sigues de nuevo..."]

Translation Notes:

Te invento en todas partes
I imagine you everywhere
I invent you into every place [*lit.]

Invent here is meant the way an author would invent a character or invent a situation. In English, we would usually say imagine.
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