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"Rayando el Sol" by Maná, English translation of lyrics

"Lining the Sun"
Album: Maná MTV Unplugged, 1999
Style: Rock, pining for love
Country: Mexico


It's a common theme. He is desperate and melancholy for her love. She doesn't pay attention to him. He can't forget her. He claims it would be easier to reach the sun than her heart. Listen at YouTube.


Rayando el sol,
Rayando por ti,
Esta pena me duele,
Me quema sin tu amor.

Lining the sun,
Lining (it) for you,
This sorrow hurts me,
It burns me without your love.

No me has llamado;
Estoy desesperado.
Son muchas lunas las que te he llorado.

You have not called me;
I am getting desperate.
I have cried you many a moon.

Rayando el sol, oh eh oh,
Es más fácil llegar al sol que a tu corazón.

Scratching the sun, oh eh oh,
It is easier to reach the sun than your heart.

Me muero por ti, oh eh oh,
Viviendo sin ti,
Y no aguanto,
Me duele tanto estar así,
Rayando el sol.

I am dying for you, oh eh oh,
Living without you,
And I can't stand it,
It hurts me to be like this,
Lining the sun.

A tu casa yo fui,
Y no te encontré.
En el parque, en la plaza, en el cine
Yo te busqué.

I went to your home, [*lit. syntax: To your home, I went]
And did not find you.
In the park, at the plaza, at the cinema,
I looked for you.

Te tengo atrapada,
Entre mi piel y mi alma.
Más ya no puedo tanto
Y quiero estar junto a ti.

I have you trapped
In between my skin and my soul.
I can't continue much longer
And I want to be near you.

Rayando el sol, oh eh oh,
Es más fácil llegar al sol que a tu corazón.

Stratching the sun, oh eh oh,
It is easier to reach the sun than your heart.

Rayando por ti,
Uuuuh, rayando, rayando el sol,
Ay, ay, ay, ay, rayando el sol,
Rayando por ti.

Lining for you,
Uuuuh, lining, lining the sun,
Ay, ay, ay, ay, lining the sun,
Lining for you.

Translation Notes:

1) "Rayando el sol" - ambiguity in the meaning:

If we look at this literally:

The verb rayar means to scratch or to line (una raya = a line). An alternative title could have been "Lining the Sun" "Scratching the Sun."

Rayar can also refer to scribbling.
e.g. Mothers who catch their children drawing on walls with their crayons get mad and tell them, "no rayes ahí!" (don't draw there!)

Finally, one last association for "rayando el sol":
al rayar el día = at the break of day
In no way does rayar mean to physically break, however. It just refers to the time when you see the lining of the sun break the horizon; dawn.

If we look at it poetically: I think Maná just wants to image of trying to scratch/line the sun, not actually doing it.

2) "Más ya no puedo tanto y quiero estar junto a ti"
Más ya no is a little tricky to translate. It means "no longer." It is related to no más (no more).
no puedo tanto = I can't very much; I'm at my limit.


I first translated and published this in 2006 at my Geocities pre-LiveJournal site. This song came up in Pandora on my Julieta Venegas station, so I checked to see if it was on Songlations. I found out that I never re-posted it here after Geocities shut down in 2009. It turns out that I had been too indecisive about "scratching" vs. "lining" and had quarantined this song until I decided. Now, almost 3 years later, there are still some lines where I think "scratching" may work better, but it's so arbitrary. It is a preference thing and does not matter very much. Sorry for the delay and enjoy this old Maná song!

The Geocities website was archived here for posterity by some nice people who wanted to preserve internet history.
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