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"Pa’ Bailar (Simpre Quiero Más)" by Bajofondo ft. Julieta Venegas, English translation of lyrics

"To Dance (I Always Want More)"
Album: Mar Dulce (Sweet Sea), 2008
Style: Tango Nuevo, a modern tango style
Countries: Argentina and Uruguay (Bajofondo), Mexico (vocalist Julieta Venegas)


At YouTube here. This tango was stuck in my head thanks to internet radio. :-)

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{Esto está bueno pa’ bailar.}
{This is good for dancing.}

[Tango begins:]
No sé donde acomodarte,
No sé de que color pintarte,
No sé muy bien que nombre darte
Si te veo por la calle.

I don’t know where to place you,
I don’t know what color to paint you,
I don’t know exactly what name to give you
If I see you on the street.

(Pero) sé que tú
Me miras a los ojos y es algo unico.
Sé que yo
Siempre quiero más.

(But) I know that you
Look into my eyes and it is something incomparable.
I know that I
Always want more.

{Lo que quiero hacer es salir a bailar un poco}.
{What I want to do is go out to dance a while.}

No sé porque si solo fue un instante
Se niega el tiempo a borrarte.
Fue una fina sombra que dejaste,
Algo hermoso inexplicable.

I don’t know why if it was only an instant
Time refuses to erase you.
It was a fine shadow you left behind,
Something beautiful, unexplainable.

[Chorus: "Sé que tú..."]

{Lo que quiero hacer es salir a bailar un poco.}
{En realidad me gustas para bailar un poco.}

{What I want to do is go out to dance a while.}
{Actually, I'd like to dance with you a while.} [*lit. Actually, I like you for dancing a while.]

[Chorus x2: "Sé que tú..."]

Te quiero cerca pa’ tocarte y pa’ bailar~
Te quiero cerca pa’ sentirte y pa’ bailar~

I want you close to touch you and for dancing,
I want you close to feel you and for dancing.

[Chorus: "Sé que tú..."]

Translation Notes:

Bajofondo’s album title Mar Dulce literally means "Sweet Sea" and is a play on the phrase agua dulce (lit. sweet water) which means freshwater. Lake Nicaragua is also sometimes called Mar Dulce, but I do not have reason to believe that the album is referencing it.


pa' = para
This is a contraction often heard in Mexican Spanish.
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