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cairaguas in songlations

Getting Started: Some Recommendations by Genre and Theme [work in progress]

Hello readers! So you found Songlations and don't know where to start? Here are some recommendations.

Work in progress. Last edited: June 7, 2015.

GENRES by artist, with a song example:


La Oreja de Van Gogh: La Niña Que Llora En Tus Fiestas (The Girl Who Cries at Your Parties)

Amaral: El Universo Sobre Mi (The Universe Over Me), rock; No Soy Como Tú (I Am Not Like You), sometimes emo rock.

Juanes: A Dios Le Pido (I Ask God This), La Camisa Negra (The Black Shirt) - rock, usually with themes of love, political commentary, and lust.

Natalia Lafourcade: Tiempo Al Viento (I Ask For Time From the Wind) - airy, nostalgic, sweet pop.

Julieta Venegas: Andar Conmigo (Being With Me) - pop, sometimes alternative pop.

Shakira: Sombra de Ti (Shadow of You) - old Shakira songs are much more rock than her present day style.


Chenoa: Como Un Fantasma (Like a Ghost) - danceable pop with techno and rock influences.

Shakira: Lo Hecho Está Hecho (What is Done is Done) - current day Shakira sings very seductive and upbeat pop.

Thalía: Acción y Reacción (Action and Reaction) - very energetic pop, often with a techno-influence.

Selena: Como La Flor (Like The Flower) - mostly pop, with some dance and mariachi mixed in.

Bajofondo - a modern tango group that collaborates with other artists, including Calle 13 in "Tango del Pecado" (Tango of Sin) and Julieta Venegas in "Pa' Bailar" (To Dance).


Maná: Relax (Relax) - popular Mexican rock group that sings about love, revolution, love, justice, and love. Also heartbreak.

Zoé: Labios Rotos (Broken Lips) - psychedelic rock, love rock; they utilize various string instruments, slow drum beats, electric instruments, and sometimes a xylophone

Tierra Santa (Holy Land): Mejor Morir En Pie (Better to Die Standing) - heavy metal rock, smart rock with historical references and philosophical meanings

Reggaeton/Hip Hop - energetic music

Calle 13: Atrévete (Dare) - always provocative lyrics

Ojos de Brujo: Todo Tiende - eclectic mix of flamenco and hip hop

Don Omar: Salió el Sol (The Sun Appeared) - sensual reggaeton, usually about love and relationships

Rap/Hip Hop - social criticism, self-reflection, and a voice for the underdog

Ana Tijoux: 1977 - Ana Tijoux's songs describe her loneliness being the outsider ("Mi Verdad"), her anger at the injustice she sees in the world ("Shock"), and her moments of happiness ("Humanidad"). Her style ranges from spoken word rap to energetic hip hop with world music, Middle Eastern, and Andean influences.

Calle 13: El Hormiguero (The Anthill) - an anthem for the disenfranchised, the poor, the unwelcome migrants, and the Latinos affected by culture wars.


José Alfredo Jiménez: El Rey (The King) and his final song Gracias (Thanks) - legendary Mexican singer-songwriter who popularized these Mexican styles of storytelling music worldwide. His lyrics are referenced in literature and songs decades after his death.


See tag: "classics"

Children's Songs

Cri-Cri: La Muñeca Fea (The Ugly Doll) - song about a rag doll abandoned in storage who finds friends among the mice, the broom, the dustpan, and others.

Also see tag: "children's songs"


Love songs

Julio Jaramillo: Nuestro Juramento (Our Vow) - a popular love song about undying love from the 1950s, still heard today

Breakup songs

Julieta Venegas: Me Voy (I Leave) - farewell song

Silly, energetic, happy songs

Natalia Lafourcade: Casa (House) - girly fantasy song about playing house with a lover

Quieter, softer, low key songs

Alejandro Filio and Tania Libertad: Sin La Luna (Without the Moon) - a song sung quietly in the night

Political commentary, historical background

Juanes: Fíjate Bien (Pay Attention) - about the current political situation in Colombia.

Calle 13: Pa'l Norte (To the North) - song about immigrants traveling the difficult path north.

La Oreja de Van Gogh: Jueves (Thursday) - a bittersweet love song to remember the victims of the 2004 Madrid train bombing, from the perspective of two shy train riders just before impact.

Heavier topics, e.g. death, world hunger, poverty, violence

Bebe: Malo (Evil) - anti-domestic violence song that begins meek and becomes strong.

Strange songs, weird songs, or Halloween themes

Tierra Santa: Drácula (Dracula) - heavy metal rock song recounting the story of Dracula!

Julieta Venegas: Limón y Sal (Lemon and Salt) - alternative rock, fairy tale love song about a werewolf lover

Unusual Genre Fusions

Mago de Oz: El Atrapasueños (The Dreamcatcher) - heavy metal mixed with Celtic music



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