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"Sin Miedo a Nada" by Alex Ubago, English translation of lyrics

"Without Fear of Anything"
Style: Musica romantica; romance pop with piano
Country: Spain


To give you an idea of the tone, the music video begins with soft seagull sounds as the singer walks up to a piano on the beach. The romantica (romance pop, lit. romantic) genre commonly contains just one vocalist, with mellow music in the background, singing about love. Listen at YouTube here.

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Me muero por suplicarte
Que no te vayas, mi vida.
Me muero por escucharte
Decir las cosas que nunca digas.

I die to beg you
Not to leave, my love, [*lit. That you not leave, my life]
I die to listen to you
Say the things that you never say.

Más me callo y te marchas,
Mantengo la esperanza
De ser capaz algún día de no esconder la heridas
Que me duelen al pensar...

However I silence myself and you leave, [*marchar (verb) = to march away; to leave]
I keep hoping [*lit. I maintain the hope]
Of being able one day to not hide the wounds
That pain me when I think...

Que te voy queriendo cada día un poco más.
¿Cuánto tiempo vamos a esperar?

That I love you a little more each day. [*lit. That I go/am loving you every day a little more]
How much time are we going to wait?

Me muero por abrazarte
Y que me abraces tan fuerte.

I am dying to hug you
And for you to hug me as strongly.

Me muero por divertirte
Y que me beses cuando despierte,
Acomodado en tu pecho,
Hasta que el sol aparezca.

I am dying to entertain you
And for you to kiss me when I wake up,
Comfortable on your chest,
Until the sun appears.

Me voy perdiendo en tu aroma.
Me voy perdiendo en tus labios
Que se acercan susurrando
Palabras que llegan a este pobre corazón.

I am losing myself in your scent.
I am losing myself in your lips
That get closer, whispering
Words that arrive to my poor heart.

Voy sintiendo el fuego en mi interior.

I begin feeling the fire inside me. [*lit. I am feeling the fire in my interior.]

Me muero por conocerte,
Saber qué es lo que piensas,
Abrir todas tus puertas,
Y vencer esas tormentas que nos quieran abatir.

I am dying to know you,
To know what you think, [*lit. To know what it is that you think]
To open all your doors,
And to overcome all those storms that may want to bring us down.

Centrar en tus ojos mi mirada,
Cantar contigo al alba,
Besarnos hasta desgastarnos nuestros labios.

Catch my gaze in your eyes, [*lit. Center my gaze in your eyes]
To sing to the dawn with you,
To kiss each other until we wear down our lips.

Y ver en tu rostro cada día
Crecer esa semilla,
Crear, soñar, dejar todo surgir,
Aparcando el miedo a sufrir.

And every day to see in your face,
That seed growing,
Creating, dreaming, letting everything emerge,
Putting away the fear of suffering. [*alt. Putting away the fear to suffer.]

Me muero por explicarte,
Lo que pasa por mi mente.
Me muero por intrigarte
Y seguir siendo capaz de sorprenderte.

I am dying to explain to you,
What goes through my mind.
I am dying to intrigue you
And continue being able to surprise you.

Sentir cada día ese flechazo al verte.
¿Qué más dará lo que digan?
¿Qué más dará lo que piensen?
Si estoy loca es cosa mía.

To feel every day that arrow piercing when I see you.
What does it matter what they say?
What does it matter what they think?
If I am crazy, it is my business.

Y ahora vuelvo a mirar
El mundo a mi favor.
Vuelvo a ver brillar la luz del sol.

And now I turn around to see
The world on my side.
I see the sunlight shine once again. [*lit. I again see shine the light of the sun.]

[Chorus: "Me muero por conocerte..."]

Translation Notes:

¿Qué más dará lo que digan?
What does it matter what they say?
What more does it give what they say? [*lit.]
What more do we get listening to what they say? [*alt.]
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