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"Casa" by Natalia Lafourcade / Natalia y La Forquetina, English translation of lyrics

"Home", alt. "House"
Style: Light pop, airy sound, cheerful love song
Country: Mexico


This is a cute love song with a cute music video. It's basically about the singer wanting to play house with her lover. Their love sounds idyllic, and she expresses many hopes and dreams for their future together, while at the same time acknowledging that love makes her feel vulnerable. Watch the music video at YouTube here.

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Voy a proteger mi casa,
Cuando estoy ahí siento tranquilidad,
Y después pondré unas flores
En la mesa.

I am going to protect my home,
When I am there I feel calm,
And then I will put some flowers
On the table.

Dessert chorus:
Voy a cocinar un postre.
Le pondré manzanas en felicidad
Para que te comas una...

I am going to cook a dessert.
I will add apple to it in (my) happiness
So that you eat one...

...Y seas feliz
Todo el día
Y me digas
Que no puedes vivir sin mí.

...And be happy
All day
And you tell me
That you cannot live without me.

Voy a proteger mi casa.
Cuando estoy ahí te puedo consentir
Como viene en las historias que te cuento...

I am going to protect my home.
When I am there I can spoil you
Like in the stories that I tell you...

Para que cierres los ojos
Y por fin tú puedas otra vez dormir
Y al otro día me digas,
Qué bonito, mi bonita señorita,
Yo no puedo vivir sin ti.

So that you close your eyes
And you can finally sleep again
And the next day you tell me,
How pretty, my pretty little lady,
I can’t live without you.

Paper house chorus:
Mi casa (es) de papel
Porque es el corazón.
Siento fragilidad
Si no estás.

My house (is) made of paper
Because it is the heart.
I feel fragile [*lit. fragility]
If you are not around.


[Dessert chorus: "Voy a cocinar un postre..."]

[Paper house chorus: "Mi casa de papel...", x2]

Translation Notes:

Qué bonito, mi bonita señorita
How pretty, my pretty little lady

The first "bonito" is the masculine form of the adjective, so it is a general term not intended to describe her specifically. I think it refers to the situation being pretty. It's something along the lines of "how nice!"

The second "bonita" is the feminine form of the adjective and definitely describes her.
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