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"Piel Canela" by Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos, English translation of lyrics

"Cinnamon Skin"
Style: Bolero
Country: United States (New York), Mexico

Que se quede el infinito sin estrellas,
O que pierda el ancho mar su inmensidad,
Pero el negro (alt. el brillo) de tus ojos que no muera,
Y el canela de tu piel se quede igual.

May the infinite be left without stars,
Or may the wide sea lose its immenseness,
But may the blackness (alt. the glimmer) of your eyes never die,
And may the cinnamon of your skin stay the same.

Si perdiera el arco iris su belleza,
Y las flores su perfume y su color,
No seria tan inmensa mi tristeza
Como aquella de quedarme sin tu amor.

If the rainbow were to lose its beauty,
And the flowers their perfume and their color,
My sadness wouldn't be as immense
As that from being left without your love.

Me importas tú, y tú, y tú
Y solamente tú, y tú, y tú,
Me importas tú, y tú, y tú,
Y nadie mas que tú.

It's you that matters to me, and you, and you,
And only you, and you, and you,
It's you that matters to me, and you, and you,
And no one else but you.

Ojos negros, piel canela
Que me llegan a desesperar.

Black eyes, cinnamon skin
That drive me to despair.


At YouTube here. This is a popular oldies song. You might have seen it in commercials or heard the tune in elevators. I think it's on the Nacho Libre soundtrack. This song is passed around a lot.
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