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"Amor a la Mexicana" by Thalia, English translation of lyrics

"Love, Mexican Style"
Style: Pop
Country: Mexico


Thalia sings about how she wants her love. Listen at YouTube here.

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Compasión no quiero,
Lástima no quiero,
Quiero un amor duro que me pueda hacer vibrar.

I do not want compassion, [*lit. syntax: Compassion, I do not want]
I do not want pity, [*lit. syntax: Pity, I do not want]
I want a hard love that can make me tremble [*lit. vibrate].

Tu sabor yo quiero,
Tu sudor yo quiero,
Quiero tu locura que me haga delirar.

I want your flavor, [*lit. syntax: Your flavor, I want]
I want your sweat,
I want your lunacy to make me delirious.

Pura caña... puro amor...
Amor a la mexicana,
De cumbia, huapango y son,
Caballo, bota y sombrero,
Tequila, tabaco y ron.

Pure sugarcane... pure love...
Love, Mexican style,
From cumbia, huapango and son [*music and dance styles]
Horse, boots and sombrero, [*reference to the cowboy style]
Tequila, tobacco and rum. [*more Western imagery]

Amor a la mexicana,
Caliente al ritmo del sol,
Despacio y luego me mata,
Mi macho de corazón.

Love, Mexican style,
Hot to the rhythm of the sun,
Slowly and then it kills me,
My macho of the heart.


Amor a la mexicana... (x4)

Love, Mexican style... (x4)

Suavecito quiero,
Bien rudo lo quiero,
Quiero que me llegue hasta el fondo del corazón.

I want it gently,
I want it very rough,
I want it to reach into the bottom depths of my heart.

Lento yo lo quiero,
Siempre más yo quiero,
Quiero que me espante hasta perder la razón.

I want it slowly,
I always want more,
I want it to spook me until I lose my reasoning.

[Chorus: "Pura caña... puro amor... "]

[Musical interlude]

Amor a la mexicana...
Ay, quiero tu amor hasta el fondo del corazón.
Amor a la mexicana...
Y en tu locura quiero perder la razón.

Love, Mexican style...
Oh, I want your love all the way into the bottom of my heart,
Love, Mexican style...
And in your lunacy I want to lose my reasoning.

Amor a la mexicana...
Suavecito, despacito yo lo quiero.
Amor a la mexicana...
De cariño, de delirio, yo me muero.

Love, Mexican style...
Gently, slowly, I want it.
Love, Mexican style...
From affection, from delirium, I am dying.

Translation Notes:

Compasión no quiero.
Lástima no quiero.

I do not want compassion.
I do not want pity.

Actual syntax:

Compassion, I do not want.
Pity, I do not want.

She inverts the regular syntax here for verbal emphasis of key words in the lyrics.
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