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"Cuando Me Enamoro" by Enrique Iglesias, ft. Juan Luis Guerra, English translation of lyrics

"When I Fall In Love"
Style: Pop, romantica
Country: Spain (Enrique), Dominican Republic (Juan)


At YouTube here.If you like this type of pop (romantic themes, slower tempo), it is a genre called romantica by Spanish-language radio stations.

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Si pudiera bajarte una estrella del cielo,
Lo haría sin pensarlo dos veces
Porque te quiero, ay,
Y está en mi ser, oh.

If I could bring you down a star from the sky,
I would do it without thinking twice
Because I love you, ay,
And it’s part of my being, oh. [*lit. And it is in my being, oh.]

Y si tuviera el naufragio de un sentimiento
Sería un velero en la isla
De tus deseos, de tus deseos.

And if my feelings were to shipwreck anywhere
I would be a sailboat on the island
Of your wishes, of your wishes.

Pero por dentro,
Entiende que no puedo
Y a veces me pierdo.

But within yourself, [*alt. But inside me]
Understand that I can’t
And sometimes I get lost.

Cuando me enamoro... a veces desespero,
Cuando me enamoro...
Cuando menos me lo espero, me enamoro.

When I fall in love... sometimes I despair,
When I fall in love...
When I least expect it, I fall in love.

Se detiene el tiempo.
Me viene el alma al cuerpo.
Sonrío, {sonrío,} cuando me enamoro.

Time stops.
My soul enters my body. [*lit. My soul comes to my body.]
I smile, {I smile,} when I fall in love.

Si la luna sería tu premio,
Yo juraría hacer cualquier cosa
Por ser su dueño, por ser tu dueño.

If you would want the moon, [*lit. If the moon would be your prize,]
I would do anything
For it to be mine, for you to be mine. [*lit. To be its owner, to be your owner.]

Y si en tus sueños escuchas
El llanto de mis lamentos, {en tus sueños...},
No sigues dormida,
Que es verdadero, ay,
No es un sueño, oh.

And if in your dreams you hear
The cries of my laments, {in your dreams...},
Don’t stay asleep,
Because it is real, ay,
It is not a dream, oh.

Me alegro
Que a veces el final no encuentre su momento.

I cheer up
When sometimes the end does not find its moment.

[Chorus: "Cuando me enamoro...", x2]

Translation Notes:

Y si tuviera el naufragio de un sentimiento
And if my feelings were to shipwreck anywhere

This line’s meaning is a bit ambiguous even in Spanish, but the general consensus seems to be this meaning.


Pero por dentro, / entiende que no puedo
But within yourself, / understand that I can’t
But inside me, / understand that I can’t [*alt.]

The subject of the "within/inside" sentence is ambiguous. I think that he is asking for the listener to understand his conflict, but there is also a strong argument to be made that he means within himself.
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