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"Piensa en Mí" by Agustín Lara, English translation of lyrics

"Think of Me"
Style: Bolero; cute oldie love song
Country: Mexico


This is a sweet song with the singer asking for a lover to think of them whenever they are sad, to be happier. Listen at YouTube here. Natalia Lafourcade recently made a tribute album to Agustín Lara; here is her version of this song.

[Expand embedded video]Agustin Lara:

Natalia Lafourcade:


Si tienes un hondo penar,
Piensa en mí;
Si tienes ganas de llorar,
Piensa en mí.

If you are desolate, [*lit. If you have a deep sorrow]
Think of me;
If you want to cry,
Think of me.

Ya ves que venero
Tu imagen divina,
Tu párvula boca
Que siendo tan niña,
Me enseñó a pecar.

You see, I venerate
Your divine image,
Your infant mouth
That being so young
(Yet) taught me to sin.

Piensa en mí
Cuando beses,
Cuando llores
También piensa en mí.

Think of me
When you kiss,
When you cry
Also think of me.

Cuando quieras
Quitarme la vida,
No la quiero para nada,
Para nada me sirve sin ti.

When you want
To take my life,
I no longer want it at all, [*lit. I do not want it for anything]
It does me no good without you.

[Repeat from coda]

Translation Notes:

Para nada me sirve sin ti.
It does me no good without you.

{Para nada} {me sirve} {sin ti}
{For nothing} {it serves me} {without you}
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