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"La Media Vuelta" by Jose Alfredo Jimenez, English translation of lyrics

Style: Ranchera, heartbreak, wavering between denial and acceptance
Country: Mexico


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Te vas porque yo quiero que te vayas.
A la hora que yo quiera te detengo.
Yo sé que mi cariño te hace falta
Porque quieras o no yo soy tu dueño.

You leave because I want you to leave.
At whatever time I want, I (can) stop you.
I know that you need my affection,
Because whether you want it or not, I am your boss.

Yo quiero que te vayas por el mundo,
Y quiero que conozcas mucha gente.
Yo quiero que te besen otros labios
Para que me compares hoy como siempre.

I want you to travel the world, [*lit. I want you to go through the world]
And I want you to meet many people.
I want other lips to kiss you
So that you can compare me like always.

Si encuentras un amor que te comprenda
Y sientas que te quiere más que nadie...

If you find a love that understands you
And you feel that they love you more than anyone...

Entonces yo daré la media vuelta
Y me iré con el sol cuando muera la tarde.


Then I will turn around
And I will leave with the sun when the afternoon dies.

Translation Notes:

la media vuelta = 180 degree turn; an about-turn, an about-face; lit. half turn
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