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"Déjenme Llorar" by Carla Morrison, English translation of lyrics

"(Everybody) Let Me Cry"
Album: Déjenme Llorar, 2012
Style: Alternative rock, melancholy, soft but strong voice, mourning a breakup
Country: Mexico


"Déjenme Llorar" the song won "Best Alternative Song" and its album won "Best Alternative Album" in the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. The song was also nominated for "Song of the Year." Listen to the melancholy melody at YouTube here. Also, read this good review of the album and the title song.

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He estado recordando los momentos que te di,
Cuántos tú me diste y por qué ahora estoy aquí,
Sentada en el suelo pensando que te quiero,
Que te quise tanto, y que tu amor me es... ¡necesario!

I have been remembering the moments that I gave you,
How many you gave me, and why I am here now,
Sitting on the floor thinking that I love you,
That I loved you so much, and that your love is for me... necessary!

Déjenme llorar; quiero sacarlo de mi pecho,
Con mi llanto apagar este fuego que arde adentro.
Déjenme llorar; quiero despedirme en silencio,
Hacer mi mente razonar que para esto no hay remedio. ¡Oh! No...

(Everybody) let me cry; I want to take it out of my chest,
With my crying put out this fire that burns within.
(Everybody) let me cry; I want to say goodbye in silence,
Make my mind reason that for this there is no remedy. Oh! No...

Fueron tan bellos encuentros, amarnos sin miedo.
Eres tú la noche y yo tu sueño, tú mi cuenta cuentos.

They were such beautiful encounters, loving each other without fear.
You are the night and I your dream, you my storyteller.

Te olvidare, te lo juro, lo siento;
Tu amor me hace daño,
Y esto no puedes ya arreglarlo.

I will forget you, I swear to you, I am sorry;
Your love harms me,
And this you can no longer fix.

Pero amor como el mío no hallarás por ahí,
Porque este amor apuesta hasta por mi.

But love like mine you will not find just anywhere, [*por ahí = lit. around there]
Because this love supports even me. [*alt. Because this love even bets on me.]

[Chorus: "Déjenme llorar; quiero sacarlo de mi pecho...", x2]

Déjenme llorar...
Déjenme llorar...

(Everybody) let me cry...
(Everybody) let me cry...

Translation Notes:

Déjenme llorar = Let me cry (addressed to a plural audience)

This is in contrast to:

Déjame llorar = Let me cry (addressed to an individual listener)


Eres la noche y yo tu sueño, tú mi cuenta cuentos.
You are the night and I your dream, you my storyteller.

The syntax here emphasizes the pronouns in a way that sounds poetic and would not usually be used for casual speech. In speech, we would say tú eres rather than eres tú.

cuenta cuentos = lit. storyteller
contar, verb = to count (numbers); to recount, to tell (a story)
cuento, m. noun = story
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