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"Fruta Fresca" by Carlos Vives, English translation of lyrics

"Fresh Fruit", 1999
Style: Tropical, salsa, flutes
Country: Colombia


Lively and happy love song at YouTube here. It was nominated for "Song of the Year" and "Best Tropical Song" in the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards.

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Ese beso de tu boca
Que me sabe a fruta fresca,
Que se escapó de tus labios
Y se metió en mi cabeza.

That kiss from your mouth
That tastes like fresh fruit to me,
That escaped from your lips
And got into my head.

Ese beso con que sueño
Cuando las penas me acechan,
Que me lleva al mismo cielo
Y a la tierra me regresa.

That kiss that I dream with
When sorrows stalk me,
That takes me to the very heavens
And returns me down to earth.

Y que reza, reza, que reza,
Y aunque ya no tenga cura,
El recuerdo de sus besos
Me lleve hasta la locura.

And that prays, prays, (that) prays,
And though I can no longer be cured, [*alt. And although there is no cure for me anymore]
The memory of your kisses
Takes me (even) to madness.

Sí, sí, sí, que este amor es tan profundo,
Que tú eres mi consentida
Y que lo sepa todo el mundo.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, (for) this love is so deep,
(For) you are my princess
And let the whole world know it.

Que tú eres mi consentida,
La niñita de mis ojos,
La que me endulza la vida,
La que calma mis enojos.

For you are my princess,
The only girl in my eyes, [*lit. The girl of my eyes]
The one who sweetens my life,
The one who calms my tempers.

La que se pone más linda
Cuando la llevo a una fiesta.
Esa que siempre en mi cama
Con los ángeles se acuesta.

The one who makes herself prettier
When I take her to a party.
She who in my bed always
Sleeps with the angels. [*idiom, meaning she sleeps peacefully]

[Chorus: "Sí, sí, sí, que este amor es tan profundo..."]

[Musical interlude]

Y que digan en la radio
Que yo te quiero de veras,
Que lo digan en los diarios
Y después de la novela.

And let them say on the radio
That I love you for real,
Let them say it in the newspapers
And (announce it) after the soap operas.

Y en un letrero que diga
Que como tú no hay ninguna,
Que lo digan en la China,
Que digan en la luna.

And let them say on a sign
That like you there is no other,
Let them say it in China,
Let them say it on the moon.

[Chorus: "Sí, sí, sí, que este amor es tan profundo..."]

Guararé, guararé,
Guararé, guararé, guararé,
Guararé, guararé.
No me olvides
Que yo no te olvidaré.

I will keep it safe, keep it safe, safe,
Safe, keep it safe.
Do not forget me
Because I will not forget you.

[Chorus: "Sí, sí, sí, que este amor es tan profundo..."]

Translation Notes:

Tú eres mi consentida
You are my princess

A person who is your consentida is a person that you dote on, indulge, and spoil. Someone you play favorite with. It does not literally mean "princess," but the usage is similar.



Reading Word-Reference forum discussions, it sounds probable that guararé is a contraction of guardaré (I will keep it safe).
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