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"A Quien Le Importa" by Thalía, English translation of Spanish version

"Who Cares?"
Style: Pop
Country: Mexico

La gente me señala,
Me apunta con el dedo,
Susurra a mis espaldas,
Y a mí me importa un bledo.

People signal towards me,
They point at me with their fingers,
They whisper behind my back,
And I don't give a damn.

Qué más da
Si soy distinta a ellos?
No soy de nadie, no tengo dueño.

What more can be said [*lit. What more gives]
If I'm different from them?
I'm not anybody's, I have no owner.

Yo sé que me critican,
Me consta que me odian,
La envidia les corroe,
Mi vida les agobia.

I know they criticize me,
It's clear to me that they hate me,
The envy corrodes them,
My life depresses them.

¿Por qué será?
Yo no tengo la culpa.
Mis circunstancias les insultan.

Why would that be?
It's not my fault. [*lit. I don't have the fault]
My circumstances insult them.

Mi destino es el que yo
Decido, el que yo
Elijo para mí.

My destiny is the one that I
Decide, the one that I
Choose for myself.

¿A quien le importa lo que yo haga?
¿A quien le importa lo que yo diga?
Yo soy así, así seguiré.
Nunca cambiaré.


Who cares what I do?
Who cares what I say?
I am like this, like this I will continue.
I'll never change.

Quizás la culpa es mía
Por no seguir la norma.
Ya es demasiado tarde
Para cambiar ahora.
Me mantendré firme en mis convicciones,
Reforzaré mis posiciones.

Perhaps the fault is mine
For not following the norm.
It's too late
To change now.
I will remain firm in my convictions,
Reinforce my positions.


Translation Notes:

Y a mi me importa un bledo = And I care (not) a damn

un bledo = an insignificant thing of little value

Famous cinema line: "Francamente, querida, me importa un bledo" (Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn).


Me consta que me odian = It's clear to me that they hate me

constar = to be clear, to be evident
que conste que = let it be clear that

Listen and Watch:

Music video at YouTube.

Thalía also has an English version of the song. Read the lyrics for that here.
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